To whom it may concern

April 17, 2014

You can play that song because this post will gonna be so boring. And stupid. I warn you. Or maybe you can play Amon Amarth's songs, they are awesome and Amon Amarth itself sounds so cool, haha. Or Death Cube K, I love Death Cube K because it's f--king Death Cube K! Or maybe this song of delish food.

Remember, I've been warning you. You can skip to the end of this post anyway.
It was just like yesterday when I ordered Hazelnut coffee and asked the barista to write down "Happy birthday!" and a heart symbol in it—but it turned out to be only "HBD" and bird-like heart (I was so mad with the barista back then, but still, I posted it to Instagram). Do you remember? It was 2 years ago, right in this day. When we haven't adopted Bubu and Zooey. When I haven't been able to ride motorbike. When you haven't bought that barely-worn big black boots. But you know, I've loved you back then, since the prior years, up until now and later.

And do you know what the most thing that I love about you? The way way that you make me laugh. To be honest, it's effortless to have a conversation with you and it's always enjoyable. Remember when we talked about giant insects, laughed at Skyline (what's wrong with that movie?), made fun of others or any random stuffs? Oh, even if I was mad at you, I couldn't help it but laughing. You are always funny and hilarious; it's like you can always brighten up my gloomy days. I love your spontaneous jokes and I don't wanna lose that, ever. Sometimes, I wonder whether you've been abducted by alien, traveled through times via wormholes and gotten shot with some exo-galactic serums or such. But who's gonna abduct you anyway.

We've been through a pretty hard times, had been in long distance relationship. And it was pretty awful. Whenever I missed you I could only hear your weird voice, even internet connection was so shitty back then that we couldn't have video call very often, haha. Thank God it's over. Now I am thankful for our little life and journey that we are on, for every happiness and time we've spent together. Thank you for accompanying me, for always be there. Thank you for being care of me, for being my best friend. Thank you for loving me and thank you for always being you.

Umm, after all, let me say happy 25th birthday to you! Yeay! I wish you get all the happiness in the world. I hope that you'll have a successful life and can make your dreams come true (I'm very sure you do if you are focus on it!). Be kinder and always stay humble. May you and I can always stay together and get the best that life offers.  Amen.

I love you.

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