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November 15, 2014

I love shopping! Yes, you too, don't you? And I think everybody does, too. And, here, in my case, I love to do it online. I mean, I just need a computer or mobile phone, internet connection and―of course―money. I don't need to get dressed, wear a bra, put some makeups nor leaving my comfy bed. I believe there's a special place in heaven to people who discovered the internet.

Anyway, I have a what-so-called habit to browse on the internet and looking for certain sites to shop. Yes, sometimes I waste like hours of my life and search where to find A, where to find B, does this store have free shipping, does this store ship to my country, etc. Then, do I buy something? Yes, when the sites seem legit and there's a very good deal!
Well, a few months ago I found Kim Kardashian EDT for only IDR 97.000―it's about USD 10 back then―at It stated that the EDT was a brand new one, without a box. So, I did some research here and there about this site and found mixed reviews. After all, I thought that USD 10 was a great value for an EDT and, yup, I bought it.

StrawberryNET is a Hong Kong-based online store, established since 1998, which sells cosmetics, beauty cares, hair cares and perfumes. They claim that they sell authentic products as stated in here. They offer a very broad range of products―as I quote from their website―with over of 30,000 items from over 750 brands. And you know what, they charge no shipping cost for regular delivery in all orders, except if it's fragrance only.

StrawberryNET Homepage

Have I mentioned that they offer those items at a hugely discounted price? Yes, people, some of the items become so affordable it's hard to just ignore them. You can find a lot of deals here.
Sale, sale, everywhere...

Okay, back to the story when I ordered Kim Kardashian EDT. I didn't know if there are some issues with my credit card but a day after I placed my order they emailed me to verify it by uploading my phone or electricity bill. The customer service guy was really helpful by guiding me about the verification process. Long story short, it was more than 10 working days and my EDT should've arrived but it's not. So I emailed them again and they quickly replied to wait a few more days. 2 days later, I received that KK EDT in a good condition and safe packaging. Overall, I think they provide pretty decent customer service.

Ugh, I'm sorry, my phone is lost so I can't upload any photos of the item I received :(

+ Broad range of products
+ Free worldwide shipping on all orders, except if it's fragrance only
+ Pretty decent customer service
+ A lot of sale items

- Delivery takes too long time (depends on where you are, actually)
- Not based on my experience, but this site also receives some negative reviews, mainly about fake products

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